Meet The Spartans

Riley "Hugo Boss" Huys

Riley "Hugo Boss" Huys

Junior Finance Manager

What kind of work do you do at Sparta Finance?

At Sparta I’m a Junior Finance Manager. My job is to get people started on the first steps towards receiving a new asset that will bring them many adventures and memories.

I What is your favourite quote or life lesson?

“It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied” – John Stuart Mill. The meaning of this is that instead of indulging in immediate pleasures that are comfortable and easy such as eating pizza and scrolling through Instagram, you should engage in long term pleasures such as working towards your goals. Although chasing goals may seem dissatisfying at the time, they will benefit you much more in the long run. Additionally no reasonable person would ever want to be a dog or a pig just for the sake of being more comfortable.

Where is your hometown?

I was born in Yellowknife, however I spent most of my life in Fort McMurray. A year after graduating I moved to Edmonton for bigger and better things. 

What do you love most about helping others?

There are absolutely no downsides to helping another. Helping another person doesn’t just lift them up but it makes you feel great also. If we all just helped one random person a day the world would be a much more peaceful place. 

What are your top three favourite places and why?

The skatepark, my lake lot and a small campground located in Orange County California. These are my top three places because I always feel like my mind gets quieter here. There’s no stress, I’m at peace and I leave these places feeling refreshed and clear headed. 

Who is your favourite superhero, hero, character, or person and why?

My father and my grandfather are the epitome of hard workers to me. These two men are the type of man I strive to be. Shortly before he passed away my grandfather told me that I should always do everything in my power to be the best at my job no matter what it is, if my job is to bake bread I need to do everything I can to bake the best bread possible. 

What is your favourite food?

Simple and easy nachos and cheese never disappoints. 

Outside of your financing profession, what is your passion?

Outside of work I like to skateboard and work on personal fitness. This keeps me active and chasing new goals. 

What makes you extraordinary?

I have an ability to connect really well with everybody I talk to. People break down their walls and open up very easily to me. This is the quality I believe is responsible for my success in any leadership role I’ve been in.