Meet The Spartans

Jared Lowenstein

Jared Lowenstein

Finance Manager

What kind of work do you do at Sparta Finance?

As I am still in the early days of employment at Sparta I am focused on building rep-ore with customers, building credit applications. And then creating a file on the customer that I pass up the chain. I am so fired up about this job and I can’t wait to get to the next level

What is your favorite quote or life lesson?

“Suffering is the true test of life”

-David Goggins

 Where is your hometown?

I am from Penticton BC, I grew up spending a lot of time in the mountains and on the lake.

What do you love most about helping others?

What I love most about helping people is how it makes me feel. There is no better feeling in the world than pushing a friend to achieve a goal. Also I believe that helping others leaves the door open for good karma and helps build supportive relationships with people. I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that if you help a friend in need they will help you one day when you need it most, and I have many experiences in my life that reenforce that belief.

Where are your top 3 favorite places and why?

In no particular order:

In the ocean- because it quiets my mind, brings me clarity

In the mountains- because I feel grounded

My backyard- I live in a heavily wooded area. I like to sit on my patio and watch the deer and listen to the birds.

Who is your favorite superhero, hero, character or person and why?

Aqua man. Because he can control the ocean!

What is your favorite food?

Mexican food. Spicy burritos

Outside of your financing profession, what is your passion?

Board sports are my passion. I’ve been pursuing skateboarding surfing and snowboarding since I was a small child. My dad passed it all down.

What makes you extraordinary?

I feel that my lifestyle makes me more extraordinary than the average person going along in life. I strive to do things that put me out of my comfort zone, and I’m all about the adrenaline.