Credit Building

Our resources help you build credit!

Understanding Your Credit Report and Credit Score

This is an in depth report from the CRA that goes into detail about credit and how it works.

Equifax Report

Here you can see how to contact Equifax and how to fix any errors.

What Can I Do To Build My Credit?

We put together a comprehensive report that details what you can do to build your credit and show you how your credit score is broken down.

The Credit Card

A credit card is an essential part of credit. It goes hand in hand with an instalment (motorsport or powersport) loan.


Build Your Credit Score Fast!

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How to dispute information on your Equifax credit report

Understand the dispute process and learn what you need to do to submit your dispute for free.

Dispute Credit Errors

Our Recommended Listen

Love Money, Money Loves You

If you could have a conversation directly with money, what would it say to you? Love Money, Money Loves You is the answer to this question, and the message is breathtakingly simple. 

Money is the powerful energy that underlies every form of exchange that takes place between human beings. It is an extraordinary system for dealing with the billions of financial and material requests that are made by human beings every day, many of them hopelessly confused, often desperate. 

Money speaks to us directly through this audiobook, explaining simply, often with a sense of humor, exactly how our financial requests are processed and delivered, why so many of them never arrive, and why we get so many bills, especially when we are broke. 

This blueprint for making money is for people who haven’t yet been able to afford the lifestyle of their dreams but still believe they will.


Credit score results

  • Poor: 300 – 619
  • Fair: 620 – 679
  • Good: 680 – 730
  • Great: 730+