Meet The Spartans

Richard M. Allouche

Richard M. Allouche

The Bookkeeper

What kind of work do you do at Sparta Finance?

I’m the Bookkeeper and the one who helps with the accounting and finances with the banks and our partners. My goal is to get our citizens and clients the BEST rate, MOST money, and the product that they are hoping for with the utmost transparency. I have been in this industry for 12 years and if anyone knows how to get you the best result and work closely with our banking partners, it’sSparta and our team.

What is your favorite quote or life lesson?

“Be the change you want to see.” – M. Gandhi

Where is your hometown?

I’m from a small town just north of Edmonton known for one of Alberta’s first largest oil drilling sources – Redwater.

What do you love most about helping others?

I love empowering, educating, and building knowledge and confidence with our clients. I love the feeling of delivering and satisfying all of our clients’ wants and needs.

Where are your top 3 favorite places and why?

Belgium is my favourite place for the culture, people, and food.

Victoria is my adopted hometown – I love this Island and city for everything it has to offer.

The ocean – I love the water. It’s my place of peace and serenity.

Who is your favorite superhero, hero, character, or person and why?

Goku is my favourite superhero from Dragon Ball Z. He’s the most powerful character I’ve ever been able to connect with who always does the right thing regardless of what or who he must face. He comes from a place of love and patience, and gets infinite power because of this pureness and enlightenment.

What is your favorite food?

My favourite food is fettuccine alfredo – I could live off of it for a lifetime.

Outside of your financing profession, what is your passion?

Moments I can spend with my beautiful girlfriend Jennifer, our children, and our three fur baby puppies!

What makes you extraordinary?
I have a very calculative mind and am able to deduct problems very quickly and find solutions. That’s one of my “super powers” – and positivity above all things.